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A new idea

Hi I’m Nate,

(Photo taken by my lovely wife : Ruth Yaroslaski)

I’ve been toying with an idea. The idea to change my blog. 

I want to make it a place where I can allow my thoughts, my creations, my passions, my styles and my personality all out in one place…

"aren’t there like a million of those out now?"

To answer that question in one simple word is, Yes.

Yes there are.  But this ones mine, maybe you’ll like it, maybe you won’t.

Please feel free to join me as I create my space. 

I plan to share with you my style ideas, my design ideas, my DIY projects and my life.

If you have questions, please ask. If you want to know how to do something or know if I know how to do something please ask.

Please join me on my journey to discover the things I love.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy them too.

Thanks for joining me.


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